Vision and mission

The School will be the well spring of collaborative learning adopting information technology tools through individual and collective activity.

The endeavor is to inculcate values so that the rich heritage of our culture is secure in the hands of the new generation and promote harmony and spirit of unity.

The ideology is to strive for wellness in society through its students by the educational facilities and extracurricular activities and healthy dietary habits, all of this in full transparency and involvement of all the stake holders in keeping with our motto ‘Vaishnavi Giving wings to Dreams’.

Our Young Pre classroom is for ages. This age group is working on developing their fine and gross motor skills, that are gaining independence

Our Aim's & Features

  1. To give ever green solutions in parenting modern child by procuring all his requirements.
  2. To make the student to be very confident by acquiring all the academic knowledge.
  3. To provide all the means of learning based on latest technology.
  4. To give an inspiration to the students to take part in all competitive examinations.
  5. To guide the student in all aspects to cast him as a complete learner.
  6. To make the students to reach the expectations of their own parents.
  7. To make the student to be fully equipped with the competitive spirit and zeal.
  8. To enlighten the students to balance the human, social and professional relations.
  9. To make the student to become an outstanding spokesperson by giving all linguistic techniques.
  10. To present a modern child as an eminent individual.
  11. To generate the civilized and competent citizens of India.
  12. To create a joyful and conducive atmosphere that maximizes the rate of learning in school.
  13. To make the student to experience and apply that what all he learnt in day-to-day life.
  14. To render the services in the field of education to satisfy every aspirant and parent.
  15. To encourage self-discipline, cooperation, responsibility and respect for others and their property.
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Our Young Pre classroom is for ages. This age group is working