The school in its pursuit of providing quality education has been dynamic in introduction new academic and co-curricular activities. It has been introducing skill and value added programmes to equip them to meet the challenges of modern day world.


Vaishnavi Students Dance Performance For Guinness Record 2015 – 2016


Winners of TATA Building India Essay Writing Competitions


Winners of Ist SEMS OLYMPIAD Awards ( TRESMA )

The school presenting hosting IIT/Medical/Global Foundation/Olympiads under the supervision of E-Abhyas IIT Academy. (CBSE/ICSC/SSC) integrated syllabus useful for all preliminary and talent search exams. Our student’s holds good position for cluster and regional level programmes in IIT Olympiad and other competitive exams conducted by E-Abhyas Academy.




There is no detention in pre-primary, primary and secondary classes. Students and faculty attends various seminars and workshops to upgrade their knowledge. School management encourages students by awarding the cash prizes, medals etc., for their achievements. Gives guidance for their further studies after schooling.

Winners of Curiosity Quiz 2018 Conducted by Ramanthapur Foot Ball Club

Pingali Venkayya 144th Birth Celebrations 2018 winners


Interesting games in an outlet for good health. Ample opportunities were provided to our students to play and prove their mettle in various sports and games at school, cluster, regional and National level competitions.

Sports Meet 2017 – 2018 – Kabbadi Winners

A large contingent of students including boys and girls participated in the every sports meet conducted by SAKSHI MEDIA, secured good positions and selected for the best performance.


Co-curricular activates provides opportunities to show-case the talents. Group Wise and open group competitions conduct throughout the year to inculcate ethical values.

TS State Level (Jr) Winner of 8th Indian National Memory Championship 2017

Gold Medal Winner of Tranquanimity Exam 2017


Vaishnavi Children In Sristi 2017 – 18 Science Fair


Vaishnavi’s Students Selected For State Level For Chekumuki – Jana Vignana Vedika 2017-2018

Vaishnavi’s students participated in cluster level, other zonal, Regional wise various competitions. Every year it will be continued by your wishes and Almighty graces.

Vaishnavi Children Performance In Doordarshan Yadagiri In the Programme Balanandam 2018

Vaishnavi Student Performance in Pre-Primary Graduation Day 2018
( Kum. Neha – Participant of Drama Juniors, Zee Telugu )

Healthcare management, voluntary social work, value education, environmental science, etc., added into the curricular as an integral part of the education to meet its mission of providing holistic development.

Vaishnavi Students Participation Swachh Survekshan 2017-18

The school was established in the year 2012 and has successfully completed 6 years in it pursuit of providing quality education. The school was granted recognition status by the Govt. of Telangana State.

B. PRANEETHA Awarded Laptop for her achievement in SSC 2015-16

Vaishnavi believe that the purpose of education is to replace an empty mind with an open mind. The direction in which education starts a child will determine his/her future life. The whole object of education should be develop the mind that works and free a child’s potentiality by instilling in him a curiosity to learn, so that he /w she will continue to learn as long as they lives.
In Vaishnavi they get “Wings to the dreams and colours to the lives”.
In class X (SSC Board Exams) results always good and encourages highest GPA secured students by awarding cash prizes, laptops, medals etc. for their achievements.


Our School SSC Toppers From 2012 – 2017

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