Programme for environmental awareness in schools in voluntary organization working towards environmental awareness among school children, as a network of schools, committed to bring out a movement for protection of nature. The need of hour is to tackle the urgent issues that are threatening the existence of life. Swachh Survekshan 
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Christmas is celebrated on December 25th to commemorate the birth of Jesus of Nazareth. Vaishnavi starts the observance of the Christmas Eve by celebrating the birth of ‘Jesus Christ’. They move in a candle procession and offer prayers at the Crib. Students look forward to 
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Sankranthi is a harvest festival celebrated in various parts of the country on 14th of January every year to mark the annual journey of the Sun into the constellation of Capricorn. The youth fly Kites, while the women folk decorate their thresholds with colorful designs. 
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“All work and No play-makes Jack a dull boy” – so goes the adage. Recreation is one of the Seven Essential Needs for Human Survival, which many corporate schools and colleges ignore these days. When an institution does not care to organize entertainment activities for 
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